Introduction to Domain and how to Buy a Domain

Introduction to Domain and how to Buy a Domain

search and buy domainA domain or domain name is a web address which provides an identification to your website hosted with a web host. It is a string uniquely identifies your website on line. For example, is a domain name which allows the visitors from all over the world to identify our website and also access our website.

Each domain is unique and has a unique extension. You can choose any extension for your domain like .com, .net, org, .us, .me and many others. In order to get a domain name, you need to buy a domain from a company who sells domains. Once you have purchased a domain you can link it to your hosting plan. This way when you create a website on your hosting plan, your visitors or customers will be able to access your website through that domain.

A domain is created using the rules of Domain Name System (DNS), but you do not need to worry about it. You can simply contact a company which sells domains and you can register a domain for yourself quite easily. Everything is handled at the backend by the company itself. However, please note that when you register a domain, it takes some time to be available throughout the world or even to you, because it takes some time to propagate through all the servers worldwide. Usually, this process takes about 24 hours or less, but in some cases it might take about 48 hours. The delay more than 48 hours happens only rarely.

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You can simplay go to the website of a company which sells domains, you can search a domain name, and add it to cart and then buy that domain on checkout. Once you have bought the domain, the company will provide you the instructions and guidelines to setup and manage your domain, and how to link it to your hosting. The NameCheap provides an easy and simple web based user interface to buy a domain name and then manage it via their control panel.

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How to Manage a Hosting Account

How to Manage a Hosting Account

manage domainsFirst of all, you need to buy a hosting account or a hosting plan. Once you have purchased a hosting plan, your hosting service provider or your host will provide you the instructions, normally, via email to manage hosting account. They will provide you your user name, password, and a link or URL where you can access your hosting.

You need to log into that page or website provided by your host. Once you’re logged in, you’ll find various options to manage your hosting. You’ll be able to get help, change settings, create sub domains, create website, upload files, publish blog, and many other things.

The hosting company will also provide you information about your FTP account which allows you to access your hosting storage using an FTP software like free FileZila. You can enter the information provided by your host like IP address, port number, user name, and password and you’ll be able to view all of files present in your hosting account. You can also upload and publish your own website using the FTP software.

It is quite easy to manage your hosting account using web based user interface. You do not need to worry about the details behind your hosting plan. The server at which your hosting is present will be managed by your host and they’ll also setup backups to make sure your data or website is safe in case of some issue. You do not need to worry about all this. What you need to do is just create and publish your website on your hosting plan.

An important point which you need to keep in mind while buying a hosting plan is to make sure the company provides at least 99% up time. What this means is they make sure that your website is available to your visitors and customers all the time. And for that matter you need to buy your hosting plan from a reliable company.